Happy New Year!

It has been a while since the last HYM Update was sent out. The primary reason was that I have been working on the new calendar and wanted to have it ready for the first Update of the year. Well, they are printed and ready and here is your first HYM Update of 2016! Aren’t you excited?

You should be able to download this image to your phone if you want to have the calendar with you always. If not, you can screenshot it.

You should be able to download this image to your phone if you want to have the calendar with you always. If not, you can screenshot it.

Last year ended on amazing note. We took a group to Exposure Youth Camp in Huntsville and they seemed to really enjoy it. A special “Thank You” to Amy Kerr, Deana Warner, Kelley Jones, and Tonya Ballard for going along and helping keep up with our kids amongst the 1800 others who were there. It was a fantastic trip and it seems like everyone is ready to go back to EYC 2016 (Click the 2016 video)!

The primary purpose of this Update is to go over the calendar and explain some of the new/different things on there. There are two sizes available on the youth board also. A really big one that can hand on the refrigerator/wall/mirror/wherever you want to hang it, and a small pocket sized one that can go with you anywhere. You can grab the image above and save it to your phone also. Set it as the background and you will always have it with you!

Here are some of the events that might need a little explanation:

  • Valentine Banquet - This event is progressing wonderfully. We were going to do it in the fellowship hall, but decided to move it. Yesterday, I reserved the extra room at Backside BBQ for the banquet. This will be a semi-formal banquet. No tux or prom dress, but not jeans and a t-shirt either. Fancy invitations will be going out with a way to RSVP and everyone will be able to bring a +1 if they want. We will order off the menu there. 
  • Ladies Tea and Guys Leading Worship - The ladies tea will be Sunday afternoon and the guys will lead us in evening worship. This will be open to everyone in the HYM, not only those participating in L2L. I want to encourage all of our young people to be involved in this. Kaycee will be heading up the program for the ladies and I will do the same for the guys.
  • HYM Retreat - One of my favorite things I have done as a youth minister is to take a group on a retreat. I have seen amazing spiritual growth from retreats and am ridiculously excited that we finally are able to get one planned for this group. The theme will be “Time Out” and after this year, our retreats will be referred to as Time Outs. Not, “You are in big trouble, go sit in time out” but “Life is getting crazy right now, I need a time out.”We will be going to Camp Neyati which sits on Guntersville Lake in Guntersville, AL. 
  • Horizons - This is a week long camp at Freed-Hardeman. Last summer we took a group up for the day and they all seemed to enjoy it. Our hope is to take a group this year for the whole week. It is for those in grades 7-12.
  • AIMCON - This is not a new event but has a new name. They have changed SEC to the Aim Conference or AIMCON for short. It is a week earlier than previous years which will allow everyone to stay in the dorms on campus instead of in people’s homes or on the gym floor. 

I think those pretty much sum up the things that look different from years past. As usual, teen devos will be monthly after evening worship on the 4th Sunday night except when that Sunday caused a conflict. 

There is also a note on the calendar for girls only events that will be happening throughout the year. Here are the details for the first one:

  • It will be hosted by Eva Carol Sartain on February 6th from 2-4pm. She has some great things planned but needs to know who all will be there. Please let Kaycee know before January 30 if you plan to attend and if you are bringing a friend.

That pretty much wraps up this edition of the HYM Update. If you have other questions about the calendar, please ask. Let’s make this a great 2016.