EYC Info

I hope that you are as excited about Exposure Youth Camp as I am! I have said it a lot, but this truly is one of the best events we could be a part of right now. This will be my 3rd year to go and it gets better every year. To make communication easier as it gets closer, text @hymeyc to 81010 to be added to the EYC class. It will  help communication a lot!

Click HERE for the schedule or HERE for the Facebook page.

Click HERE to see one of the best parts of EYC!(make sure audio is up!)

  1. We will leave ASAP after worship on Sunday the 27th. This means bring all of your stuff with you Sunday morning. I will have the bus open and ready to load before Bible class for anyone here early. 
  2. We will stop for lunch (fast food) along the way. This will be the first of 3 meals you are responsible for on your own. The 2nd will be at the mall food court on Tuesday night, and the 3rd will be lunch Wednesday (fast food again). There might be time at the mall to look around/shop. 
  3. Room assignments have already been made and will be given out later. Complaining about them will accomplish nothing 😃 That being said, all you will be doing in your room is sleeping (and showering). You are welcome to visit other rooms to hang out. Each room has an adult assigned to it. You must have permission from the adult in your room to go back to the room for anything. 
  4. Many of you will have friends there or make new friends. That is great! You cannot sleep in their room, but you can visit. Get permission from your adult first and use common sense. (No girls and guys together in a room without an adult present)
  5. All kids will be placed on a team. I should be able to tell you what team you are on when they send me the info for my team. Normally, at least a few from each youth group are together. You have to go to your assigned team. I promise it will be awesome and you will make amazing new friends. If you get split up from your BFF, it will be OK. Parents can choose during team time to go with their kids, come to my team, or go take a nap. It is up to you.
  6. Spiritual Challenge Sessions are regular classes. You will be able to choose from multiple classes to attend. Adults have their own class. They normally ask the adults to go to the adult class and leave the seats in the others for the teens. Some of them get very full.
  7. Breakfast at the Embassy is amazing. Seriously, it’s awesome.
  8. When the schedule says to be somewhere, make sure you are there. The schedule is set in a way that at times, everyone will be going different ways at the same time. Make sure you keep up with where you are supposed to be.
  9. Make sure you bring your essentials. Since it is in a hotel, towels and stuff will be provided, but don’t forget your bath stuff. 
  10. During free time, there may be football/basketball games going on. You may want clothes for that sort of stuff. (This hotel is huge!)
  11. Make sure you bring a Bible. Don’t rely on your phone for everything. It will die, and you will be stuck in team time or worship without a Bible. The battery in my paper Bible has never, ever, Taylor Swift EVER died on me and I have had some Bibles for a really long time!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I will do my best to answer them for you or find the answer if I don't know. I am glad that each of you are going and I know you will come home better and stronger for being there.